About Brampton Family Practice

Brampton Family Practice aims to provide comprehensive medical care to both individual patients and families within a caring personal setting. We understand the value of long term relationships and a number of our clients families have been patients at our GP practice in Claremont for three generations. Our premises are easily accessible and child friendly.

We see our role as providing medical care for immediate problems and long-term care for more chronic conditions. As GP’s we believe that we should be able to deal with a wide range of medical problems with up to date knowledge tailored to the individual’s needs. All our doctors attend regular refresher lectures and complete at least 50 hours continuing professional development annually.

We know that you are busy, that medical problems are never convenient and that sitting in a doctor’s waiting room is not your favourite place to be. With four doctors available we are able to offer appointments at short notice and any blood tests or X-rays needed are easy to arrange at the nearby hospitals. Our doctors each have particular interests such as women’s/men’s health, child health, or skin problems, and you can request to see a particular doctor for a specific problem. Other services we offer include well women checks, annual check-ups, blood pressure monitoring (including 24 hour blood pressure monitoring), ECGs (including stress/effort ECG), on site cholesterol, sugar, blood group, haemoglobin and HIV testing. We also have the necessary equipment and expertise to remove skin lesions through cryotherapy and perform minor surgical procedures such as cyst removal or removal of toenails. With the assistance of our qualified nursing sister we are able to offer intravenous infusions, whether it be for rehydration in an acute illness, or treatment of a chronic condition, such as iron infusions and infusions to treat osteoperosis.

Our doctors are experienced at assessing and treating many chronic medical conditions at a primary care level. We are also able to assist with primary care assessment and management of conditions such as dementia, ADHD, anxiety, depression and stress related burnout.

Our qualified practice nurse, Tamara Kuhlmann, is available to assist with telephonic queries, emergencies and a range of other problems. We also have 2 physiotherapists, Sarah Jones and Marion Wills as well as 2 psychologists, Alison Burns and Anne Saunderson-Meyer at Brampton practice for your convenience.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the local medical network, both specialist and para-medical.  When a referral is necessary we are able to advise on the most appropriate specialist for you and your particular problem and arrange an early appointment for you.

Escalating medical expenses are a growing problem for us all and we undertake to help minimise your expenses whenever possible. We understand that funds are limited, and we will apply our minds before spending your money! When arranging any tests or treatment we will ensure that you get maximum value for your money and aid reimbursement from your health insurer.

Our Services

Kindly note this practice charges fees that are in line with SAMA guidelines. We do not submit accounts to medical Aids. Accounts are to be settled by the patient at the time of consultation.

Well Woman Check

HPV vaccination (Gardasil)

Insertion and removal of Implanon

Removal of IUD/Mirena

Contraception advice and management

Annual Check-up

HIV testing and counselling

Blood pressure monitoring

24 hour blood pressure monitoring

ECG including stress ECG

On site Cholesterol testing

Removal of skin lesions with cryotherapy

Minor surgical procedures

Removal of small lumps and bumps

Lung function testing

Intravenous iron infusion therapy

Intravenous infusions for treatment of osteoperosis


Wound care and wound dressing

Treatment and monitoring of chronic health conditions

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