Infection Control


COVID -19 has changed the way the world goes about ordinary life. In South Africa, lockdown commenced this morning.  As your Primary Healthcare Providers, we have decided to introduce additional measures to provide a safe space to consult, protecting you and protecting ourselves.  

 Brampton Family Practice is still open and we are available to assist you.

The following measures have been in place since Monday 23 March.

When you phone the surgery for a consultation, you will be asked brief screening questions by the receptionist in order to facilitate the most appropriate point of care.

This includes a number of options:

  1. You will be offered a  telephonic consultation. This is a diary entered 15 minute consultation by phone. The code is Procedure Code is 0130 and the cost is R340.00. Your doctor will phone you at the appointed time. 
  2. Should a face to face consultation be required, you will be given a consultation time where there is no need to wait in the waiting room.
  3. Should you have a droplet flu-like type illness (cough, sore throat, fever or runny nose) and require a face to face consultation the following will be instructed.  
    1. You will be directed to stay in your car on arrival and you will be called in via the back door when the doctor is ready to receive you.  
    2. PPE (Person Protective Equipment – in this case, mask, gloves and apron) will be given to you before you enter 
    3. you will be directed into our dedicated “Droplet Infection” room where the doctor, dressed in full PPE will meet you.
  4. Should you be concerned about a testing procedure for COVID-19, a telephonic consultation will be necessary to ascertain if NICD testing criteria are fulfilled. Further instruction will follow.    
  5. Scripts can be requested via our website or
  6. Due to regulatory body recommendations (HPCSA), we cannot consult via email. 


       Payment will be via EFT as far as possible to prevent the use of the card machine. 

       Doctors will be using appropriate PPE during the consultation. 

Each consultation room will be sanitised after each patient use.

Consultations will be widely spaced, allowing time for sanitising and are thus designed to ensure that our waiting room is, at all times, empty.

Best wishes to you all

Stay at home, stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands regularly!