When and how to get tested for COVID-19


When to get tested:


NICD testing sites and private laboratories are overwhelmed with tests which need to be processed, and will only test for COVID-19 strictly according to protocol.

At this stage protocol states that only people fulfilling the following criteria require testing for COVID-19 (this may change over the next few days or weeks and will be updated accordingly)

Persons with acute respiratory illness with sudden onset of at least one of the following: cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or fever [≥ 38°C (measured) or history of fever (subjective) AND

In the 14 days prior to onset of symptoms, met at least one of the following epidemiological criteria:

  • Were in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 infection;


  • Had a history of travel to areas with local transmission of COVID-19 (NB Affected countries will change with time, consult the NICD website for current updates);


  • Worked in, or attended a health care facility where patients with COVID-19 infections were being treated;


  • Admitted with severe pneumonia of unknown aetiology


How to get tested:


If you think you need to be tested for COVID-19 infection, please call us on 0216834300. If you fulfil testing criteria we will complete the necessary forms required for testing to be done. You will be required to collect the completed forms from Brampton, but will not be required to come into the building as we will arrange everything through your car window! (exact procedure for this will be explained telephonically prior to your arrival). The test that needs to be done consists of a nasal swab and an oropharyngeal swab (a swab will be taken from deep in your nose and from the back of your throat). The swabbing procedure will be done at the site of the testing laboratory. Our closest testing center is Pathcare depot in Wilderness road (next to Life Kingsbury Hospital), but there are other testing sites available should this not be suitable. Should you be unable to afford to pay for the test to be done, and fulfil all the necessary testing criteria, you will be referred (with the necessary paperwork) for testing by one of the NICD testing sites.


Test results currently take 2-3 days to come back after the test is done. However – this timeline is likely to increase as the number of tests being done increases.