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We're Brampton Family Practice

Brampton Family Practice aims to provide comprehensive medical care to both individual patients and families within a caring personal setting. We understand the value long term relationships and a number of our clients families have been patients here for three generations. Our premises are easily accessible and child friendly.

What Medical Services do we Offer?

We offer a wide variety of medical services to treat acute and chronic medical conditions

Annual medical checkups or insurance medicals

An annual check-up is recommended for anyone over the age of 40, or anyone with a chronic medical condition. At your annual checkup we will conduct a thorough physical examination, check your blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and do a urine test. You will also have an ECG done to check your cardiac health. We will also recommend blood tests be done, depending on your age and health requirements, to screen for chronic illnesses and check for any abnormal physiological functioning.

Well woman checks (e.g. pap smears)

Includes a thorough physical examination, including breast examination, blood pressure and sugar testing, urine test and pap smear

Multiple medical problems

Elderly/frail patients and others who require assistance moving about


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Stacey Jones


I had such a pleasant experience at Brampton Family Practice. The staff were friendly and proficient.