Dr John Grant

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About Dr John Grant

Dr John Grant graduated MBChB from UCT in 1972. He did his internship at Victoria Hospital in Wynberg and then spent the next 3 years as the Senior Medical Officer in the Department of Medicine. In January 1978 he joined Brampton Family Practice, taking over the practice of the late Dr Kelly Seymour. He has been with Brampton Family Practice since then.

Besides the wonderful broad spectrum of diseases and ailments seen in general practice, he has also acquired expertise in the fields of Cardiology, management of high blood pressure, asthma and related chest problems, and Dermatology.

He is married to Professor Terri-Lynn Grant, Emeritus Professor in business communication, who has now retired from UCT. He has 2 daughters, Taryn and Nicole, both of whom live and work in Cape Town.

He has excelled in sport but now concentrates on tennis and golf. His interests are wide and varied, but he is especially interested in music (particularly jazz), wines of the world and reading. He travels widely and is especially fond of the bush.